Cherrywood house tour!

I had the opportunity to visit our clients in Cherrywood this morning. We completed their home in 2014, but I hadn't ever seen it with their incredible art and decor. They turned our simple vision of a house into an amazing home!!
From the front- family room and kitchen
Looking back toward entry. The laundry room is wrapped in shiplap that came from the house that originally stood on the site.

Dining spot
Street view
Kitchen island- fabricated from found items by our clients' son.
Screened porch


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Another Quickie, another garage bites the dust!

We did a Quickie Consultation with Oscar and Jenna in Wooten on Saturday. Like many of our clients, they bought a small-ish home in a great Central Austin neighborhood and they'd like to have a bit more space for their family.

Fortunately, their house has a large one-car garage that was built within the envelope of their existing roof and foundation. It's ready-made for re-purposing- in this case for a new bedroom, bath and laundry room that creates a great new suite for the house at a minimal cost and minimal trauma during construction.

Some of our Quickies are simple enough to enable us to do some "quick and dirty" sketching. In this case, we cranked out a very quick floor plan (below) that shows how the garage space (lower right) can be leveraged to make the whole house work better. We'll be available to work with the homeowners as they go forward to refine this plan and create permit plans, or they can work with a building designer to generate plans.

Our clients are always shocked to see how big their garages are in comparison to the rooms in their existing house. It's amazing to show them how much better their home can be with the garage dedicated to FAMILY space, rather than lawnmowers, bikes, and old cans of paint.


I snapped this photo yesterday at a "Quickie" client's home; it pretty much sums up what we're all about. It's really fun to help people to live BIG in their smaller central Austin homes!! This client was sure she needed put an addition on the house, but we showed her a bunch of ways to make her 1,150 s.f. cottage work much better without spending a fortune or living in a Construction Zone for more than a year. Too cool!


In the mood for a Quickie?

With construction costs and schedules going wild in Austin, we're not going to take on many full-service remodeling projects in 2016, but that leaves time for us to do more of our famous "Quickie" consultations.
What's a Quickie?  A two hour consultation with Chris and Gina at your place.  We can have a Quickie in your kitchen, your bath, your yard or on your porch!  They're easy to arrange, casual, and come with no commitment; it's like the 60's all over again! 
You're a great candidate for a Quickie if:
  • You can't decide whether to "love it or leave it".
  • You're thinking about buying an old house and wonder what your getting into.
  • You need more space but just don't have the money to make that happen.
  • You want a new kitchen, but don't want the dust, downtime, or expense.
  • You're just dying to know how cool your house could be...
Call us. We can pop in to do an affordable 2 hour consultation that will be surprisingly productive and fun!!


Another cool Rosedale kitchen Before and After

The before and after shots tell the whole story of the kitchen transformation.  Contractor/craftsman Dan Summerlin did an amazing job with the Ikea cabinets and finishes.

Before- from the dining room

After- with a fantastic light fixture created by our client's dad!

Before- not so pretty, not so functional

After- bright, open, and waaaaaay more usable.  Yep, they're really Ikea cabinets!

This incredible light fixture was salvaged from the dining room.  The shiplap ceiling had been hidden behind drywall for 70+ years.