A kitchen that "fits like a mitten"

By now, you may have figured out that we try to keep things very simple. So many homes today are designed to "fit like a glove", with custom features piled on and everything designed to be perfect for a single moment in time. We think that's too costly and too short-sighted. Our preference is to design homes that "fit like a mitten", so they cost less up front, then last a long, long time. A good illustration of this concept is the kitchen at our current project on Ramsey Avenue. We designed it to be ultra simple, with an island that's a piece of movable furniture, rather than a typical built-in island cabinet. The result is a kitchen that can accommodate changes in use and lifestyle from day to day or decade to decade. It's also really easy to freshen up over the years with new materials and colors, which is a great alternative to today's typical overkill kitchen.

We didn't invent this concept, of course (turns out, we don't invent much!). This is just a 21st century reinterpretation of your grandmother's farmhouse kitchen. It's designed to be loose and bright and very functional, whether you're cooking, eating, or hanging out with friends.