Something old, something new...

Our clients on Ramsey Ave. are celebrating in a very big way this weekend: moving back into their newly remodeled/expanded home and getting hitched.  In the middle of all that, they were kind enough to give us a peek at the house tonight, and it's awesome.

We'll have more photos in a few weeks, but for now, here's a sneak preview of the nearly-finished kitchen (a work table island is on the way, and a the microwave hasn't been installed in the tall cabinet on the left yet).

Builder Trey Smith did a fantastic job with the project and managed to finish up before the wedding deadline.  We're looking forward to working with him again soon.

The beautiful shiplap pine ceiling in the kitchen is a remnant from the original 1940 house that had been buried under drywall for decades.  If you look for it, you can find the "shadow" of the old kitchen wall in the ceiling.

The project also includes a beautiful new master bedroom suite upstairs, a new utility room, study, and a big back porch.  As soon as the happy couple is settled in, we'll have some more photos for you to enjoy.

Here's to many happy years in your new home, guys!