Rendered view from street showing new front porch and new upstairs master suite
Existing house, from street (photo courtesy of Google StreetView).

We're just a few days from starting construction on this fun remodel/addition project on South Third Street.  It's on a lot that's covered with beautiful oak trees, so we opted to go up with the new master suite to avoid having to cut any trees down or expand the home's footprint onto the the trees' critical root zones.

The resulting second floor addition not only made the the trees happy, it gave us access to treetop views, breezes and daylight all around.  The new master suite will feel like a treehouse.

Downstairs, we're tearing out a hallway to open up the family room and adding a nice new porch to the front.  We're looking forward to a cold beer on that porch in just a few months!

Did we mention that we're doing all this fun stuff without spending a fortune?  Youbetcha.