Whole-house remodel in Allandale

Coming soon! The house stays true to its roots, but gets an update for a 21st century family.
"Before"- your basic early '60s Allandale house
There's no need to call FEMA, it just looks like it's been hit by a tornado...
This tired old house on West Terrace in Allandale was really overdue for a makeover to get it ready for its next 50 years.  Over the next few months, builder Warren Spain will transform the house to match the rendering above.

Inside, we're rearranging a huge percentage of the interior walls to make the living spaces bigger and brighter.  The master suite will move from the second floor to the first, the kitchen will be re-built from scratch, and we'll add a new screened porch to the back. On the second floor, we're turning what used to be a rental apartment into 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a play room for the kids.  We're adding only a few square feet to the conditioned area of the house (the family room will steal some space from the garage), but the whole house is going to feel much larger and less "chopped up".

Out front, we're getting rid of the cheesy gambrel roof over the garage and adding a nice new porch.  The whole idea is to respect the context and create an updated home that will look and feel like it's always been there.