Cool Rosedale modern!

These are the first sketches of a new project we started this week in Rosedale. The house is a great 1949 modern, and we're adding some space to it to bring it up to 21st century livability while restoring some of the luster of the original design (presently buried under vinyl siding!!). The coolest part is the new screened porch, which makes use of a cool 50's era covered patio with a great stone fireplace. At present, the patio is detached from the house, but in our new and improved plan, it serves dual-duty as a living space and sleeping porch, directly off the new master bedroom. I am SO jealous!

The new parts of the house will be easily distinguished from the old, but they'll have similar DNA. Our exuberant modern additions allows for greater flexibility of window placement to maximize views of the gorgeous lot, breezes and daylight access, and the house gets a break from its 8' flat ceilings.

These images are ultra-rough and preliminary, but we're pretty jazzed about the project and wanted you to see them before the pixels were even dry!

Stay tuned for changes as they happen...