Worth the wait!

New addition between existing carport and house
We did the schematic design on this Rosedale project back in '09, but it had to wait a bit while the economy sorted itself out.  We're getting it ready for construction now, and thought you'd like to see it.

We're tearing off a couple of hinky old additions to a classic late 40's 2/1 and adding a compact new two-story structure that extends the kitchen into a breakfast area/entry/stairwell/study/laundry (truly a multi-function room!!) with a nice screened porch on the back.  Upstairs, there's a nice little study space at the top of the stairs that leads to a bright new master suite that will capture treetop views and cool breezes.

It's all designed to be compact and affordable, and it will enhance the old house while expanding it.  Where the previous additions robbed the old house of daylight and access to the back yard (an all-too-common problem), this project will make the original house feel "whole" again and make it viable for a family of four.
This "before" shot shows the old additions that will be removed and concrete area that will become landscape
old addition, from kitchen
More space, more light, and re-connected to the back yard!

Rough rendering of the new breakfast room, looking toward stairs and kitchen