In the mood for a Quickie?

With construction costs and schedules going wild in Austin, we're not going to take on many full-service remodeling projects in 2016, but that leaves time for us to do more of our famous "Quickie" consultations.
What's a Quickie?  A two hour consultation with Chris and Gina at your place.  We can have a Quickie in your kitchen, your bath, your yard or on your porch!  They're easy to arrange, casual, and come with no commitment; it's like the 60's all over again! 
You're a great candidate for a Quickie if:
  • You can't decide whether to "love it or leave it".
  • You're thinking about buying an old house and wonder what your getting into.
  • You need more space but just don't have the money to make that happen.
  • You want a new kitchen, but don't want the dust, downtime, or expense.
  • You're just dying to know how cool your house could be...
Call us. We can pop in to do an affordable 2 hour consultation that will be surprisingly productive and fun!!