Chestnut Commons

25 years after I worked at Featherlite Precast on Miriam Ave. in Austin, I had the serendipitous opportunity to design 64 new homes for the site as it was reborn as a neighborhood with a shiny new transit stop.

The cottages sold like hotcakes, which made sense because they were really livable, filled with sunlight from all four sides, and cost LESS than the nearby loft products.

The key to the project was a great client. Momark Development has a vision for creating "humanist housing" in Austin, and they teamed with TBG
Partners to create a great layout for the
site that maximized community space
and created social spaces that
make Chestnut a great little neighborhood
within a neighborhood.

The Austin Business Journal awarded the project a Community Impact award in 2008.

Check it out sometime at 1601 Miriam Avenue, Austin, or online at www.austinchestnut.com