Just add water!

With the rain we got in October, it was finally possible to install some landscaping at Gabardine, and the results are beautiful! We're really pleased with the construction quality of the houses, too.

TBG Partners designed the landscape, focusing on great shared spaces, with seating areas and fire pits for the neighbors to enjoy together.

Remember when houses were filled with sunshine, or houses that allowed you to open the windows and enjoy the breeze? Remember what it was like to know your neighbors? That's what we're building at Gabardine. Those Old-School priorities would make our cottages unique in Austin's new home market at any price, but at $202k, the house at right offers more bang for the buck than any new home in the area.

It's a rare privilege for an architect to get the opportunity to work on reasonably-priced production housing. It's very challenging work, but we really enjoy it, and it's a treat to see Gabardine taking shape and growing as a community.

More photos soon...